Edward Brown Staircases began manufacturing in the late 1960s. The aim of the business was to produce top quality curved timber staircases for the larger homes that were being built after the post war boom in low cost housing started to decline.
Edwards father, George, was a building contractor with a small joinery works. In the post war housing boom he and the family developed a large prefabricated housing business.


Edward and Jeff Brown with one of their curved timber staircases


Edward Brown was apprenticed to his father in 1939 and after the post war boom in housing eased they reverted to building contracting.  When his father retired Edward continued building on his own.
In the late 1960s some of his clients asked him to incorporate more quality features in their houses such as geometrical staircases.  This led to the establishment of Edward Brown Staircases Pty Ltd.


The company was initially set up in a small corrugated iron building in Rouse Hill in Sydney's north west.
Edwards wife Joan joined the business to look after the accounting and his two sons Michael and Jeffery also began working for the business.
Jeffery Brown joined the family business in 1976 and now manages the business.
In 1995 the company moved into a new 1800 sqm building in South Windsor.


Street view of the factory in Dowling Place,
South Windsor


With more space and machinery the range of staircases has expanded. They now manufacture colonial to modern styles stairs and many in between. Wrought iron balusters and glass panels are also being added to enhance the range of choices for the customer.

Edward Brown Staircases has never lost sight of its early aims of quality and craftsmanship. We believe in honesty in all our relationships with customers, employees and suppliers.

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