The purpose of the illustrated staircase planner is to assist you to plan and customise a staircase to suit your own individual requirements, using as many stock elements as possible to achieve a well proportioned, gracious staircase that is safe and comfortable to use.
We recommend that the stock elements shown in this guide be used as much as possible. This ensures that the final staircase not only has a look of quality and craftsmanship but also does so at a reasonable cost.
We are always happy to design and build custom staircases when requested but the work involved in making special formworks, patterns etc. increases the cost substantially.



The planning guide shows each of the elements necessary to plan and customise your staircase.
We recommend that you use the following steps:
  Take the Measurements
  Select a Stair Plan
  Choose a Style

Each of these steps is illustrated in the
Curved Staircase Planning Guide.

Click on the link below to download the complete guide:

 Staircase Planning Guide
(Click to download - 556kb PDF)
 (3-5 minutes @ 56kbps )

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